Have you heard my latest book is out? Here’s what some folks are saying!

“Wow! Incredible conclusion to a fantastic series. There are heartbreaking moments and heartwarming moments, a very high body count, loyalty, betrayal, honor, laughter, and tears.

“An action packed ending to a good series. This final episode also felt like a complete story in itself.”

You can check out the book page for more information on OATH OF DUTY.

Snippet from Clanblades

And as promised, here’s a little glimpse into work on the Clanblades series… An introduction to Nyalin’s step-sister Sutamae and what she’s up to when Nyalin isn’t around.

The latch of the door was quiet. The dusty scent of old paper, leather, and ink crowded the tiny room.

It should have been utterly dark, so Sutamae had picked up a candle from the hall, but strong beams of moonlight fell across her father’s desk. Neat and empty as usual. 

She set the candle on the desk and withdrew the stolen sword from her skirts, untying the pommel from the loops designed such mischief. She examined it one last time.

The scabbard was dull and black resting across her palms. The Obsidian Clan had six sword smiths. This sword had been crafted by the worst of them. Not a terrible blade, but not the finest craftsmanship.

In the moonlight, it didn’t look magical. A fair, slightly curved blade. A chip of obsidian in the handle—for show, it didn’t add dragon magic like the glittering dragon scales in the Clanblades. 

It did have some magic. It had to. But she felt nothing.

Where did the swords get their power? How? She bit her lip. All closely guarded secret of the swordsmiths.

She let another moment slip by, then two. Waiting, hoping she’d feel some twinge of something. She drew the blade a finger’s length from its scabbard. The steel glinted at her—perhaps a scowl, perhaps a wink.

But again—nothing. No tingle of magic in herself.

She’d obtained six blades in this exact same manner. Stolen, temporarily, but she always gave them back. 

Every time, she’d waited, longed to feel the zing of something more. A throb of power in her veins, a flash of blinding energy, something. Maybe a tickle.

She’d settle for a nauseous gag.

It could have been a walking stick or a cooking spoon for all the shivers it gave her.

Perhaps she had no magic. But stupidly or not, she kept trying. As wry and dark as she could be, deep down, she was an awful optimist. Painfully so. The moonlight out the window seemed to flare brighter for a moment. But by the time she’d glanced up, it was normal again.

She sighed. Well, she’d given this blade its chance. If she would ever smell or touch the truth of magic, it wouldn’t be with this stolen weapon.

That was only fair. She had stolen it after all.

She lowered the blade onto her father’s desk with a wretched smile.

– Unedited and subject to change excerpt from upcoming Legends of the Clanblades book…

Are you looking forward to the next book in this series? Let me know!

Thank sincerely you for reading…

I am so grateful to all of you who have patiently waited for the next book whether it’s been in the Audacity Saga or in Legends of the Clanblades. I have wonderful fans, and I appreciate you all!

Some of these books really went their own way and got wildly out of control! I love a long book myself but writing them is quite the odyssey.

Tell me in the comments, do you prefer your books short, average length, or doorstoppers? Or does it not matter as long as the story is compelling?

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