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Mage Slave Cover

An enslaved mage is forced to kidnap a warrior prince. A tale of love, adventure, and sacrifice.

Empress Capsule Cover 2020 Update

Rapid-fire romantic space opera with a ship full of women, a snarky AI, a cocky merc, and a military SF feel.

Dagger of Bone book cover reveal

Only she can ignite his hidden magic… Only he can break her chains. The dragon is just along for the ride.

Cover for the book BLADE OF THE MOON depicting a woman holding a sword in the woods at night, with the title.

Next upcoming release…  Pre-order Blade of the Moon today.

May Machinations

A snippet from BLADE OF THE MOON, coming June 30.

Midwinter Happenings

I took a bit of a break from updates over the holidays, but I am back. Back again. Guess who's back... I'll stop. It's feeling a lot like spring here, which is a lie. The worst of winter has yet to...

Gratitude and a Glimpse

Have you heard my latest book is out? Here’s what some folks are saying! Also, read a new snippet from Legends of the Clanblades, this time about Sutamae.

My duty, soon to be yours

Read the new prologue for the next book in the Audacity Saga.

Dive deeper into the worlds of R. K. Thorne...

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Blade of the Moon, Now Available!

Blade of the Moon, Now Available!

I'm pleased to announce the second book in the Legends of the Clanblades series is finally here! Happy book birthday, Blade of the Moon! So far it has a 4.9 star rating, and it reached #65 in Coming of Age Fantasy New Releases and #16 in Asian Fantasy New Releases! So...

Blade of the Moon, Now Available!

May Machinations

A snippet from BLADE OF THE MOON, coming June 30.

The Amazon-bestselling Enslaved Chronicles trilogy

Action-packed romantic fantasy adventure

If you’re voracious, it might last you three or four days. Maybe even a week. 😉

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One contest, one chance to change their fates.

No magic means no future for Nyalin moLinali. And marriage means certain misery for Lara, daughter of the leader of the Bone Clan. When Lara can sense Nyalin’s magic when no one else can, the two join forces in search of an extraordinary magic—and a better life for them both.

The fast-paced romantic epic fantasy trilogy

An enslaved mage, a warrior prince, and a heroic tale of love, honor, and sacrifice.

Of all the women in the world, he falls for the one trying to kill him.

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