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One contest, one chance to change their fates.

No magic means no future for Nyalin moLinali. And marriage means certain misery for Lara, daughter of the leader of the Bone Clan. When Lara can sense Nyalin’s magic when no one else can, the two join forces in search of an extraordinary magic—and a better life for them both.

The Audacity Saga

Power armor, dangerous rogue scientists, and ordinary folk just trying to do the right thing.

Well, semi-ordinary. Okay, maybe they’re a little eccentric.

CHILD OF WRATH: Book 3 is available now!

The fast-paced romantic epic fantasy trilogy

An enslaved mage, a warrior prince, and a heroic tale of love, honor, and sacrifice.

Of all the women in the world, he falls for the one trying to kill him.

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Some Spooky Reads & Candy To Go With Them

Hope everyone is having a wonderful October! We were delighted today to hear of the FDA vaccine approval for kids 5-11, so we will definitely be downing some chocolate and peanut butter confections...

September Stirrings

Current adventures and assorted ramblings. Preorders and progress.

Songs of Summer

Audacity 4 Cover Reveal, Clanblades updates, and more…

On Books and Brains and Creativity and Schedules

A progress update, a snippet from CLANBLADES universe, and some Tribbles gifs.

The Amazon-bestselling Enslaved Chronicles trilogy

Action-packed romantic fantasy adventure

If you’re voracious, it might last you three or four days. Maybe even a week. 😉

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