Fantasy romance and space opera from R.K. Thorne

The Enslaved Chronicles

An enslaved mage is forced to kidnap a warrior prince. A tale of love, adventure, and sacrifice…

Mage Strike

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The Audacity Saga

Rapid fire space opera with humor, action, romance, and laser guns. Gotta have the laser guns.

Empress Capsule Cover 2020 Update
Capital Games Cover 2020 Update
Child of Wrath Cover
Songbird Rising Audacity Saga Book 4 by RK Thorne Ebook Cover
Oath of Duty  Audacity Saga Book 4 by RK Thorne Ebook Cover
Deserter Cover of planets, stars, and text

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Legends of the Clanblades

Who will wield the blade? She’s bound by duty, he’s bound by secrets. The dragon is just along for the ride. 

Romantic epic fantasy in a unique world….
Cover for the book BLADE OF THE MOON depicting a woman holding a sword in the woods at night, with the title.

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