Oath of Duty | The Audacity Saga: Book 5

Oath of Duty Audacity Saga Book 4 by RK Thorne Ebook Cover

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Jump into this epic adventure in a galaxy where abuse of science is rampant and hope is all some people have left.

Character-driven space opera with a mix of humor, action, and romance, OATH OF DUTY is the fifth and final book in the Audacity Saga.

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Snippets from Oath of Duty

“I won’t leave!” Shirin’s voice rang out as Zhia strode up the hallway. “You can’t make me!”

“Now, Shirin. Please. Listen to reason.” Dr. Levereaux was trying to sound reasonable, but to Zhia’s ears—and probably Shirin’s—she sounded more exasperated than persuasive.

Feet were coming up the ladder. Zhia noted Vivaan was heading up the ladder to the third floor, with nothing so much to say to her. Now just where was he going?

“You’re not abandoning me on some stinking rusty space station full of pirates and rats!” Something pounded against the deck. Possibly a girl’s foot.

“It’s not full of pirates exactly, and we’re not abandoning—”

“So it is stinking and rusty and full of rats!”

“I think stinking is a matter of olfactory perspective.”

“What does that even mean?”

“You won’t be alone. They’ll be loads of others with you, including Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Persad—” Levereaux froze as Zhia appeared in the open hatch.

Yes, she was brilliant geneticist, but child psychology? A whole unindexed encyclopedia for the poor woman. Which was fair because she hadn’t exactly grown up around other children. Enhancers didn’t exactly care about every aspect of development in their experimental clones.

“Why don’t you let me try?” Zhia said, folding her arms with a smile.


Snippet from OATH OF DUTY, by RK Thorne, unedited and subject to change


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