The Enslaved Chronicles

Epic fantasy romance and adventure

Mage Slave | Book 1

A warrior prince, an enslaved spy, a plot to draw the world to war.

Magic, politics, love, and fate collide in the destinies of two people in this fantasy adventure. For lovers of swords and sorcery with a side of romance, Mage Slave is the first book in the Enslaved Chronicles.

Mage Strike | Book 2

The fight for freedom begins.

The hard part should have been over. But powerful new enemies, tenacious new allies, and earth-shaking magic join Aven and Miara in this second volume of the Enslaved Chronicles.

Mage Strike

Star Mage | Book 3

Some magic should remain forbidden.

The struggle for the freedom of mage slaves culminates in all-out war in this third and final volume of the Enslaved Chronicles.

Knight Devoted | The Enslaved Chronicles Extended Universe

He will have to choose–his goddess or his princess.

Devoted Knight Javarin wants nothing more than to serve his goddess and his kingdom—in particular, guarding the quiet, kind Princess Iseris. Unfortunately, Iseris has a secret—a forbidden magic, abhorred by his goddess. Punishable by death.

Knight Devoted Book Cover
Enslaved Chronicles Omnibus Fifth Anniversary Edition Cover

Enslaved Chronicles Omnibus

The entire series, over 400,000 words, in either ebook or paperback.

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