Songbird Rising | The Audacity Saga: Book 4

Songbird Rising Audacity Saga Book 4 by RK Thorne Ebook Cover

Commander Ellen Ryu, Lieutenant Kael Sidassian, and the crew of the starship Audacity have met every challenge thrown their way, from super soldiers, to telepaths, to former rivals with axes to grind.

Each step has brought them closer to Ellen’s ultimate goal—finding and defeating Dr. Arakovic, the scientist who stole her team and her promising Union career. The woman who nearly stole her sanity.

But the Songbirds created by Arakovic are growing in power and influence. With the clues adding up, the Audacity crew begins to suspect the problem runs deeper than they ever expected.

They’ll dive into battle—but this time they may find themselves underwater.

Not every battle can be won. Ellen Ryu never let that stop her from trying. But with his newfound daughter and new friends to protect, will the cost be too high for Kael to stay by her side?

Jump into this epic adventure in a galaxy where abuse of science is rampant and hope is all some people have left. Character-driven space opera with a mix of humor, action, and romance, SONGBIRD RISING is the fourth book in the Audacity Saga.

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