The Enslaved Chronicles Omnibus Edition

A warrior prince, an enslaved mage, a plot to draw the world to war.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of publication, this omnibus edition contains all three novels of the Enslaved Chronicles. Start reading today and fall into the world enjoyed by thousands of readers…

Three full-length novels of action, adventure, and magic in one volume!

Prince Aven Lanuken wants something more than a trophy for a future wife. He wants a woman who will be more friend than follower. A queen who will be more warrior than diplomat. He wants a partner he can trust… with a dangerous secret that’s kept him trapped in a dark mountain fortress his entire life.

Mage slave Miara wants something more, too—to find an enemy prince. And not to marry him. She’s just received orders for her very first kidnapping. She loathes the idea of it, and it’s probably a suicide mission. But she’s never failed a mission before, and she doesn’t intend to start now.
Of all the women in the world, why does he have to fall for this one?

This fifth-anniversary omnibus edition contains the following novels (and over 400,000 words):

  • Book 1: Mage Slave
  • Book 2: Mage Strike
  • Book 3: Star Mage

Join the beginning of a sweeping war that will change the fate of people and nations. Learn why thousands of readers from all over have loved the Amazon-bestselling Enslaved Chronicles.

“These books lifted me up, helped me smile and fanned the small flame of hope in my soul.”— Amazon Reviewer

“This well-developed epic fantasy has a fun, modern voice you’ll love.” – Author Melissa E. Beckwith

“This one is a real find. Finally another five-star fantasy by an indie author!” – Amazon Reviewer

Ready to discover these characters for yourself?

Magic, politics, love, and fate collide in the destinies of two people in this epic and yet personal fantasy adventure from R. K. Thorne.

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