Can I write to you?

Definitely! I love reading your email, your thoughts, your questions. When writing, you don’t know what someone will think of what you’ve created, so it’s nice to hear from readers anytime. You can reach out via Facebook or the form on this page.

Can I get a book signed by you?

Yes! Thanks for asking. I’m happy to sign books for fans. Send the book you would like signed, along with a self-addressed-stamped return package and postage, to:

Iron Antler Books
4801 McKnight Road #1140
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Let us know anything you’d like written with the signature, such as To Pat, Thanks, Mom, Happy birthday, etc. If you would like to get a hardback signed, we’re currently working on the hardback edition.

International folks, remember to send a check in American dollars that’s enough to cover shipping the book back. Ask your local post how much that should be.

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