Child of Wrath | The Audacity Saga: Book 3

Commander Ellen Ryu, Lieutenant Kael Sidassian, and the crew of the starship Audacity barely escaped Capital with their lives.

Then betrayal kicked down their door. Now they need to clean up the mess.

The one team member they thought was safe has disappeared—their benefactor Doug Simmons. Doug’s former classmate is also in danger, and he’d planned a mission for them to rescue her. And the crew is zeroing in on just what exactly Ellen’s nemesis Dr. Arakovic is planning as the clues sharpen into focus.

Will the team be able to put together the pieces of many different puzzles before it’s too late? Attacked on multiple fronts, Ellen and her crew will have to divide and conquer if they want to triumph.

Because cyborg super soldiers, awkward aliens, gang members with secrets, and an ex-girlfriend from the past are just a few of the problems on their plate.

The baby they’ve been hiding from the entire galaxy is also about to make herself known.


A epic adventure awaits in a galaxy where science has gone wrong and hope is all some people have left. Character-driven space opera with a mix of humor, action, and romance, CHILD OF WRATH is the third book in the Audacity Saga.

Available now in ebook and paperback.

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Snippets from Child of Wrath

Something was niggling at him, though, and around the third open market they passed as they avoided the tubes, he cut Dane out of the comm line and reached out to just Ellen. “What if we find her there?”



“You’ll know what to say. Don’t worry about it.”

“I am worried about it.”

“Do you want to bring her flowers?” she taunted. “Maybe chocolate?”

“Can we poison the chocolate?”

“A worthy idea.”


“But if there is anything Merith was likely to have edited during my unscheduled downtime,” Xi said, “it was her own files.”

Ellen shook her head. “ ‘Unscheduled downtime’ is a really polite way to refer to her nearly deleting you. And probably attempting to kill us all.”

Xi paused before responding. “I do aim for politeness.”

“I don’t think you have to be polite to people who shoot at you, or similarly try to kill you,” Levereaux put in.

“God knows I’m not.” Ellen tapped a finger against her chin.


Join the adventure.

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