Blade of the Moon | Legends of the Clanblades : Book 2

Cover for the book BLADE OF THE MOON depicting a woman holding a sword in the woods at night, with the title.

You must walk through the shadows to become who you were meant to be.

Nyalin and Lara have defied convention—and everyone’s expectations—to take fate into their own hands. But bravery has left them alone, exiled, and hiding in the wilderness.

Nyalin’s true powers remain dormant, waiting to be unlocked. Lara must somehow claim leadership over her people and her beloved Bone Clan from afar. As fresh revelations about Nyalin’s bloodline—and his magic—arise, the duo learns that Lara’s father Cerivil has disappeared.

Will their growing power—and a healthy dose of determination—be enough to find him?

Meanwhile, Nyalin’s stepsister Sutamae has been secretly seeking a sword of her own. When she encounters a mysterious scion of a foreign land on her quest, an electrifying touch reveals their fates are intertwined. But can they even trust each other? Will they end up soul-bound allies—or the bitterest enemies?

Another young man has noticed Sutamae, though, and this son of her family’s adversaries is determined to sweep her off her feet—and into their web.

Follow the entangled fates of Nyalin, Lara, and Sutamae as they unearth a hidden realm of painful secrets, fight to free those they love, and embrace who they are truly meant to become.

Discover the truth that lies beneath the surface of this sweeping romantic epic fantasy in Blade of the Moon, the second volume of the Legends of the Clanblades.

Available now. 

Tropes & Motifs

  • Magical swords
  • Love triangle
  • Escalating power levels
  • Secret heir
  • Side-by-side swordfights
  • Snarky pet dragons
  • Necromancers
  • Unplanned camping trips
  • Secrets, secrets, secrets!
  • Found family

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Excerpt from

Chapter 1: Fresh Meat

Lara squatted down, squinting at the fresh boot prints in the dirt. A breeze blew short strands of blonde hair into her eyes, and she absently brushed them aside. She’d been hiking for over an hour without seeing a soul, not even a trace of a suspicious “hunting party” in the distance.

These boot prints appeared out of nowhere and led toward the waterfall and into Yeska’s cavernous den—her and Nyalin’s temporary home after fleeing the Contests a few weeks back. That event had been either disastrous or momentous, depending on your perspective. Lara leaned toward the former, Yeska the latter. Perhaps it was a little of both.

She double-checked in the fading light, but it was true. Not far back, the mud and grass were undisturbed, and then suddenly, began.

And they led straight toward Nyalin.



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