Book Sale Times 3!

A quick update post to let you know I’ve got a triple sale going on this weekend.

Mage Slave CoverKnight Devoted Cover on a Paperback standing upAudacity Saga Boxed Set
99c — Jun 7 – 1099c — Jun 7 – 14$2.99 — Jun 7 – 9

Other goings on

This weekend I was also honored to host a panel as part of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association’s annual Nebula Conference. Winners are being announced tonight – congrats, everyone!

The panel I hosted was about Battle Couples – romantic action stories. We had a ton of fun talking about what makes a good realistic romance on the page and our favorite action scene tips!

I also just finished watching the Fallout television series, which is filling my head with all sorts of space opera powered armor ideas, when I’m supposed to be working on fantasy! But the series was wonderfully written, excellent rich characters, complex dilemmas, and very true to the game lore and story. If you have played and enjoyed the games or enjoy very intense, very violent sci-fi stories with a kick of dark humor, you’ll like it. I am an OG old school Fallout fan, having played since Fallout 2.

I’ve been writing a lot, but no concrete updates on new release plans just yet.

Several projects are in a Battle Royale for who gets to meet you all first.

So go check out those sales, if you haven’t tried those books already! This is the first time Knight has ever been on sale. And cheers to everyone to the start of summer!

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