AUDACITY 3 is making its way to my editor, and oh, my, how I love this book!

And that means I’ve got some new words on AUDACITY 4, which will hopefully be the final book in the saga, as well as new Clanblades words being forged as we speak… Well, okay, an hour ago. I’ve missed writing fantasy so much!

Next month, we should have the AUDACITY 3 title and cover reveal, if not the pre-order available! So hang in there, and sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already to get notified. Until then, here’s a small snippet from the book to hold you over:

“Why don’t you sit down? Rest. Figure out what we need to do next.” He eased her toward her desk chair, and she let him. “I doubt they’ll follow us. They can’t grab us, and they can’t hit us. I’ll make sure of it. But even if they do follow, everything’s going to be okay.”

“You can’t lie to me either, you know.” She fell into the seat more than sat down in it.

“All right, things are going to be tough, but we’re going to kick their asses and scrape by, and maybe we’ll get through it by the skin of our teeth. And if we get fragged, well, what the hell else were we going to do? Lie down and die?”

“That’s more like it.”


Poll time!

I’d also love to get your take on where I should spend my time making free content for this upcoming release. This will be exclusive for newsletter subscribers. Still feel like we need a name. Thorners? RKT VIPs? Thornians? You see, this is why we can’t have nice things. Or a group name.

But if you can think of one, leave it in the comments! Everybody else, proceed to the survey directly. Thank you, come again.

There you have it, friends. Things are busy over here, despite a flu taking me out for over a week, delaying progress. It was a weird one too, not a super intense cough or cold, just a fever and total exhaustion and endless sleep. I’m better now, just freaking out as I try to catch up with my goals. A week is a long time to miss!

Luckily, I was just barely better in time for Valentine’s Day (well, mostly), so we did get to have a fun dinner out at a very hipstery place I’d been wanting to try. On one hand, it was over-the-top-hipster. On the other hand, they had a special lamb menu, they were super laid back, and my old fashioned was almost sinful.

Did you do anything fun for the holiday, or are you more looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day and spring? It’ll be here before you know it!

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