Welcome, friends, and welcome, Fall! I’m so excited autumn has finally arrived in my stomping ground.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since late summer… It’s been a busy time!

Paperbacks and Hardbacks!

I’ve got new formats available for both sci-fi and fantasy books. In particular, OATH OF DUTY, SONGBIRD RISING, and BLADE OF THE MOON are now available in paperback and case-laminate hardcover.

Note that the case laminate style is a new, different style than what I’ve had in the past. I’m experimenting with this new type. While dust jacket hardcovers have a blue cloth physical cover to the book, surrounded by a printed wrap (the dust jacket), I now also have the option of printing hardbacks in a case laminate, where the cover is printed directly on the cover of the book. One advantage of these is they may end up cheaper and will likely ship faster. But I’m not 100% sold on them yet, as aesthetically I think I like the dust jackets better.

I will be getting the dust jacket versions for both as well, but they are taking a little longer to push through the quality assurance and proofing process. If you’d like to check if this is available and you’re visiting from the future, I suggest checking here on Bookshop.org.

MAGE SLAVE is free today for the very first time!

If you haven’t read my first novel yet, this is the perfect chance to try it out.

If you have read it, would you consider sharing the book with a friend?

while you’re at it… Stuff your kindle with free fantasy romance books

This is only a sample, there are over 250 books free today full of magic and pounding hearts…. Today only.

Have you read any of these lovelies?

Halloween fun! Starts tomorrow 10/19

Tomorrow, once you’ve indulged in a few (or more than a few) freebies today, check out this fun reader event put together also by the authors at FaRoFeb. It’s a Halloween-themed reader scavenger hunt.

It doesn’t take any actual reading yet, necessarily, but you can interact with a fun story, discover some new books, and enter to win some awesome prizes, both print and digital!

How are you celebrating the spooky season?

I have to admit October is my absolute favorite month of the year. There’s so much creativity and color and uniqueness in the air, and everything is a little bit surprising. So dramatic. So full of life.

World events have been quite tragic lately, and my heart has been sad so many have been hurt and are suffering. This seems to be the theme of the the decade, anymore. Remember, it’s good to support those in need, but protect your mental health too.

I’m convinced after the last five years that seasonal joys and festivities aren’t just a coincidence of time, they’re a way to help us move through the pain and keep going.

Do you have any special Halloween, fall, or otherwise fun October plans? Here’s some recommendations if you haven’t had the energy

If you’re needing a little light: Check out this awesome middle grade fantasy with lots of magic and suspense: Amari & the Night Brothers. There were several twists I adored, and a very interesting urban fantasy setting. Like a Harry Potter with a new, fresh twist.

If you’re craving the dark energy of the spooky season: I recommend Castlevania on Netflix or Prime Video. (Much vampire-themed violence, a metric ton of swearing) While bleak at times, trust me, I don’t recommend things that don’t move toward an optimistic place. If you’ve already seen it, these clips will make you laugh.

Happy fall and happy Halloween!

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