How is it the end of 2023 already?

December has gone so fast, I hardly feel prepared to plan for 2024. And yet it’s exciting to set new goals and bask in that New Years energy. I’m looking forward to it.

Plans for 2024 are still up in the air. Sales have down, for many authors, this year, and I need to get creative to help my writing business grow and flourish again! It’s a challenge I enjoy, luckily.

Top of my list for 2024 will be the novella I announced last month KNIGHT DEVOTED. Such a great story, excited to share it with you all.

Then I will likely work on CLANBLADES #3 while taking some breaks to work on a new idea I have percolating. Third books always seem to be especially challenging, because there are more and more threads to interweave and t’s to cross and i’s to dot. So something easy is also needed on those days when life has been a massive challenge.

I’m also hoping to work on some sci-fi short stories to share. If you haven’t checked out the Audacity prequel or the “Mirage and Shadow” short story, you can get them here.

As one last hurrah to close out the new year, I have a new boxed set!

I’m happy to announce the Audacity Saga Digital Boxed Set is now available. This is ebook-only, but you can get it for a great price, and in KU, you can read it for free. If you are looking to support me, I actually probably make the most from Kindle Unlimited in this instance, given that you read the whole thing.

Which, if you like smart, strong women and lovable rogues in space opera, you should! It’s a fun romp. Be advised, it has a bit more swearing and sexy stuff than my other two series, although it is still fade-to-black for romantic scenes.

If you’re waiting on audio for the Audacity Saga, let me know! I’m trying to research ways to fund next books performances. I still want to create them, but given the length of the series, it’s going to require some… creativity.

Best Wishes for 2024!

Lastly, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy allllllllllll the holidays!

And a wonderful Winter Solstice!

Sparkly bokeh background with twinkling stars and text wishing happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

One of my favorite traditions for Christmas is mulled wine, which I wrote about last year. (Note to self: get those ingredients on the shopping list!) It’s basically hot wine simmered with oranges, cloves, and cinnamon. Oh, and uh… don’t forget a bit of brandy.

This year, I’ve been thinking about new traditions. What kind of super cozy traditions could I add to our family life? We’ve watched some Christmas movies. There’s been some lovely snow on the ground.

Maybe some hot cocoa while we decorate the tree. (Yes, it’s still not decorated. But we did get it up and the lights on!) Or another thought I had was trying out jolabokaflod… But maybe that’s just more of an excuse to buy everyone books? 😉

Will you be having a Jolabokaflod?

Haha, I assume you don’t, but I thought this clever headline might catch your eye. Jolabokaflod is the Icelandic tradition of a “Christmas book flood” where everyone gets a new book, sits, and reads on Christmas Eve eating chocolate or with a cup of something warm. I think I’d like to try something like that this year.

If I’m not horribly stressed because the presents aren’t wrapped!

What are your holiday traditions? And do they involve books? Because they should. 😄

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