This isn’t going to be horrifying.

No seriously, I’m just not that into horror. The real world is enough right now.

But I *am* into all that is fantastical, creative, offbeat, funny, and colorful. 🎃

Today on the blog, we’re talking a very Thorney Halloween. 🙂 And the Halloweeny things that inspire my work.

So to me, Halloween books and movies don’t mean horror, they mean… well, basically fantasy and vampires. 😉 And werewolves! And ghosts and fairies and… Honestly, in my head I’d have it be Halloween all year long.

Progress on Audacity 4 and Clanblades 2 continues… I am close to a cover for Dagger of Bone‘s sequel… Slow but steady wins the race.

Books 📚

I really don’t read many scary books. I don’t mind horror elements, but I demand optimistic endings, and in horror, you can’t guarantee that. I totally get that that is some people’s jam! Just not my thing. Here are a few Halloweeny things I do read, though.

Can’t go wrong with Edgar Allen Poe! Especially The Raven.

If you like urban fantasy or detective stories, try Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden Series. Start with Storm Front, but Fool Moon is quite Halloween!

Surprisingly, one of the books I’ve most enjoyed with horror elements in it was Master of Crows by Grace Draven. (It’s a fantasy romance, so… it’s not a ton of horror.)

Other people have a wide variety of ideas of what a Halloween book is. Here’s a bunch of ideas on Goodreads!

Movies 🎬


Vampires. Werewolves. Campiness. I don’t care if it’s a little terrible, it’s also badass! 😉

The Addams Family

Quirky, at times oddly romantic, offbeat, rebellious, unexpected. Yes.

Ghost Busters

A really creative movie for its time. Bizarre and fun.


What can I say? Vampires. Cool. It works for me.

I like the sequels too, in spite of some flaws!

Death Note

A supernatural thriller. A young man gets a supernatural notebook that gives him the power to kill… What will he do with it? And at what cost?

The Craft

This movie is kind of jacked up and a bit problematic. But I still like it in its (somewhat dated) context. 


Demons, monsters, what’s not to love? Also love that Hell Boy is as much a sap as I am. I’m not saying this is fine cinema, but it’s great characters and very entertaining.

And God knows 2020 has made me feel like Liz Sherman pretty much the whole year.

Harry Potter

I know these really aren’t Halloween movies exactly, but the vibes…

And here’s what I’m thinking of trying new this year:

What We Do In The Shadows


What should I pick? 🎃📚📺 And what are you reading and watching this Halloween?

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