No, not Wrath of Khan. It’s the third volume in the Audacity Saga.

The wait has been long, but I hope it was worth it. Get the book at any of the following!

The paperback is with my graphic designers, so hopefully that will be available in a week or two. So looking forward to holding this massive brick in my hands.

CHILD OF WRATH has topped out at 178,000 words. Here’s a few funny / hopefully interesting behind the scenes tidbits you might not expect:

  • The final fight scene sequence took me over a month of continuous writing work (daily) to get it right. I thought that month was going to kill me. Every day I thought, today I’ll finish this fight! But no. There was always more. The alternating viewpoints and complex setting and situation made me keep finding new ways for everyone to kill each other, or fail to kill each other, or beat each other over the head… A lot of beating went on, both in the story and behind the keyboard. And a lot of revising.
  • Several scenes in this book were first sketched out roughly when I started on EMPRESS CAPSULE, which means I conceived of some of them and wrote the initial notes over 2 years ago.
  • This book is really about the length of 2 books. EMPRESS CAPSULE and MAGE SLAVE are both about 100,000 words. I looked for a way to break it into 2 books, but I couldn’t find a way. If you read it and you think you could have chopped it in the middle, feel free to let me know which chapter you would have ended it at to divide it into two volumes.
  • A major subplot really deserved to be its own book, but I couldn’t disentangle it fully. It was also not a full length book at that point. I also wouldn’t have had a cover for it! But maybe I could make it its own story and re edit in the future.

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Merch is already available on Etsy and Redbubble!

And now for one last snippet of the book, a taste of the adventure our heroes are in for:

Silence, then some yelling, then the door hatch sealed and creaked open, air puffing inside. She and Dane and Kael funneled out, dark and hulking behind the other passengers.

The officer unloading their weapons took one look at them, and his eyes narrowed. “You can’t take these.”

“But they said—” she started.

Kael held up a hand. “Can we take them for twenty credits?”

The officer’s eyebrow raised. “How could you think that I, on my honor—”

“Okay, fifty,” Kael cut in, holding out a card. Was that the one they’d taken from Rutland? “That’s gotta be a hundred rial, right?”

The man swiftly pocketed the plastic. “As I was saying, here are your things, my good friends. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Kael rolled his eyes as he accepted his rifle. He slung it over his back as they walked away. “Welcome to Faros.”

She tried not to lovingly stroke the thing as they lumbered down the last low tube. Okay, maybe only a little.


Other Updates

CLANBLADES 2 is coming along nicely, and we’ve scheduled the recording for the audiobook for CAPITAL GAMES! It’s been a bit delayed by the pandemic, but we are excited to get back to it. More details soon!

I’m also making some progress on those blueprints… Stay tuned.

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Do you like long books when it comes to sci-fi? Or are short romps more your thing?

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