Before I tell you about how to buy fully automated bartender robots, here’s some quick updates on my writing.

Updates on stories still growing:

  • Work continues on Dagger‘s sequel Clanblades 2
  • I’ve also written about 33k on Audacity 4 as well. That’s about 33% of a “normal” length novel.
  • I’m tinkering with another story in the Enslaved Chronicles world too… We’ll see if it goes somewhere.
  • Also working on editing and formatting some deleted scenes and stories to share with you in some different ways coming up soon…
  • Freebies: I’m making progress on Audacity’s blueprint schematics, but there’s a lot of details to stick in there!
  • Audio: Production has begun on the audiobook for Audacity Saga Book 2 Capital Games! So exciting!! Squeee!

Stories that have blossomed and flown the coop:

CHILD OF WRATH is out there, making its way in the world, having adventures, etc. Here’s some of what people are saying.

Child of Wrath Preview on Phone, Tablet, and Paperback versions

From Goodreads: “I love this series! It makes me want to be part of the crew of the Audacity. This is book three and it was worth the wait! I love Ellen and Kael. I can not wait until the next one comes out!!!”

From Amazon: “Fun romp. Lots of action and a tender heart… this book was very entertaining. I’m Iooking forward to the next book in the series.”

You good people are too kind. I’m so grateful to all of you for reading my books and bringing my worlds to life in your heads!

Okay, without further ado…

Things I tried to be science fictiony about in my book and found they already existed 😉

Cricket protein

When researching cost and space effective proteins that could likely be good for spaceships, I came across the idea of crickets. Apparently they’re a very likely candidate for generation ships and the like. When I went to research what they might taste like… I found out crickets are already used in lots of products.

You can get chocolate chip cricket cookies, cricket protein powder, or protein bars (mmm peanut butter).

I haven’t ordered any… yet. Whey’s the protein powder for me!

Actually, on second thought… should I try one? Lemme know down below.

Next on the list, not nearly as fun…

Dangerous viruses and respirators for everyone

Um,  yeah. So this one should be obvious. My world imagines a hellscape where viruses like the SARS-COV2 are common and engineered, but also where technology has also developed new ways to protect humanity from invisible invaders, and other contaminants in the world.

Tech hasn’t advanced to give us all more sophisticated masks. But with time, it likely will. Let’s hope we don’t need them. Here’s just one example of recent innovation:

Viruses as potential bioweapons have been on our radar for a long time, and one way or another, we get closer all the time.

But that’s not the only technology that continues to evolve. Our tools to fight them evolve too. And thank goodness for that.

Fancy automated drink mixers

I feel like I should have guessed these already existed. I mean, if a robot can build a car, it can make a drink, right? But since I’ve never seen one, I assumed they were still on the horizon until I looked them up.

Apparently the human communication part is still too necessary for these to be widespread. (Either that or labor is cheap, but we’ll go with that humans matter or something.) Ordering a drink isn’t always just about making a purchase, after all.

But if you’d like to take your socially distant drinking to the next level, this seems like a good approach. There’s a bar in Vegas with robot bartenders. Because of course there is! Check out the Tipsy Robot. There’s also one in Iceland. Or you could build your own for under $300 according to these people with some open source hardware.

But if you really want to go all out you have to check out the Makr Shakr.

Then again something a bit more… compact might make sense. Read about this one on Bloomberg.

So those are three things. There were probably others long forgotten, and some I didn’t think to look up!

Things are changing every day, friends. And hopefully, we’ll do our best to make the get better.

Got anything cool like these to share? Post it down below.

Stay cool, stay warm, stay kind.


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