A bunch of new things are springing up! I guess it’s all the rain we’ve been getting. ^_^ First and foremost, I’ve got my new fantasy coming out in just ONE MORE MONTH!

Yes, the release date for DAGGER OF BONE is set: July 23! Aren’t you excited?

That’s better.

So without further ado… here’s my next book!

It’s got… Dragons. Magical swords. Necromancers. A lot of talking entities from other planes of existence. Cannoli. Powerful magic. Poorly baked bread. Libraries. And a lot more…

Dagger of Bone

Clanblades Book 1

Release Date: July 23

Dagger of Bone book cover reveal

About the book…

There’s nothing he won’t do to find magic. There’s nothing she won’t do to be get out.

Everyone expects Nyalin of the Obsidian Clan to do great things. And he’d gladly do so, except that he hasn’t inherited a single drop of his late mother’s legendary magic. Now his clan refuses to waste resources to teach him, and the last chance to discover his father’s identity—something his mother took to the grave—is slipping away.

Then one small gesture of kindness changes everything.

Everyone expects Lara of the Bone Clan to do her duty. But in the wake of her brother’s untimely death, that means marrying the cruel and power-hungry heir to the Dagger of Bone. Lara is willing to risk everything to escape her fate, even if it means taking a chance on a famous orphan everyone says has no magic.

Then one small gesture of defiance changes everything.

With the contests to confirm the Bone Clan heir approaching, Lara and Nyalin must unravel dangerous secrets if they want a chance at happiness. But they have more enemies than they know. Enemies who won’t stop until the empire itself lies in smoldering ruins.

A fantasy adventure set in an epic, sweeping universe, DAGGER OF BONE is the first book in the Clanblades series.

For lovers of SABRIEL, GRAVE MERCY, and THRONE OF GLASS, as well as Anne McCaffrey and Tamora Pierce.

Come for the spunky dragons, shadowy demons, and fearsome necromancers—stay for the tasty baked goods. X-)

As I stand back to try to get a read on this book, I think it’s a fun mix of fantasy, humor, adventure, young or new adultish, with a touch of a love story. DAGGER OF BONE tells the intertwined stories of a hero and heroine struggling against the paths that have been mapped out for them and coming to see the world as bigger and more complicated than they knew. But you’ll be the better judge than I’ll ever be!

So there it is!

Glad to see this awesome book coming to life. Patting myself on the back because I do love how this little fun adventure has turned out.

More details soon, including preorder and some launch giveaways! Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to get the latest and greatest, as well as several free short stories I’ll be adding in the coming weeks.

Happy reading, my friends!

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