Summer is always a weird time, both slow and fast, full of delights coupled with annoyances. Fireflies and mosquitos, sunny days and sunburn.

Summer in my neck of the woods is often pretty rainy, but we’ve had a surprising bout of gorgeous weather. That hasn’t been the best for our COVID cases, but my plants are sure happy.

My books aren’t too sad about it either, as they’re growing pretty fast these days too.

Blame Vitamin D, or my love of air conditioning. Or maybe thank them. 😉

So maybe it’s time for a cover reveal?

What’s that you say?

Heck yeah, give me some bookish awesomeness?


Here’s the cover for the next book in the Audacity Saga, SONGBIRD RISING:

What do you think?

I struggled with the title of this one. My survey results were split almost 50-50 between two options! But I ended up deciding to go with this one…

The heart wants what it wants, I guess.

SONGBIRD RISING is going through the final steps of editing, so be on the lookout. 😉

Oh also, if you want to see me goofily making cover reveal videos of this, don’t forget to join me on Instagram and TikTok.

CLANBLADES 2 is also progressing. I was lost in plotting this week, and I tried out a few different tools for plotting complex multi-plot line stories including Plottr, Aeon Timeline, and an awesome notebook style app called Milanote.

So far, Milanote is actually winning for me. It’s gorgeous, and it accommodates my crazy complex plots without trying to fit them into too much of a pre-existing, complex structure.

I don’t know why my books, especially my fantasy, always grow to be so intricate, but I’m not complaining.

Anyway, Nyalin and Lara are stretching their legs as Kael and Ellen’s book gets its finishing touches.

Is your summer full of reading and productivity? Or is it more summer time, and the living’s easy? As easy as it can be in 2021, anyway.

Stay tuned for a pre-order for Audacity 4 in the next month or two. Assuming no alligators invade my basement or meteors rain down… Knock on wood for me, would you?

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