My first book in the new Clanblades series Dagger of Bone is done! Confetti showers yaaaaa!

Meme with two people talking, one person saying So your book is done. The hard part is over now, right? And the other person saying Bless Your Heart. Because the hard work is just beginning!

My beta readers have the rough draft, so it’s begun its journey toward your Kindle. But I don’t know an exact date it will be in your paws just yet.

This was a really fun book, and I hope it’ll give you some light-hearted adventures this summer! Release date and cover are coming, stay tuned.

Map of a dried river basin with city in the center, ocean at bottom, and mountains on top, right and left. Map of the world of the Clanblades Series by R. K. Thorne
The world of the Clanblades series

Check out the cool map we’ve developed for the Clanblades world! More details on its creation soon to come…

In other news, I’m working on the Audacity Saga prequel, “Deserter,” hope to get that up in the next few weeks. It will be available here to anyone who signs up via the newsletter.

The Empress Capsule audiobook is stuck in some kind of approval purgatory… Working on figuring out how to get it through approvals, but hopefully that will come soon.

I’m also about half way through Audacity Saga Book 3 of the series, and I hope to pick up momentum on finishing it soon. The cover art isn’t done yet but we do have some promising sketches getting started. Hint: Desert canyons may be involved.

Three volumes of the Enslaved Chronicles series by R.K. Thorne stacked on top of a sheep pelt in natural lighting
Estimating the width for a paperback omnibus edition…. also via Instagram

And an Enslaved Chronicles box set is coming together… I’m hoping that will be out next month! Many of you have read it, but it will probably briefly go on sale for $0.99 for a very short time around launch, so if you have friends or family who might like the series, it’ll be a great time to get a good deal!

In my fun time — which honestly I have to force myself to have sometimes, because I can be a bit of a workaholic — we did a marathon over the last month of Game of Thrones, watching about 1-2 episodes a day, until we got to Season 7 at least, and it’s so much fun to finally be in on the GoT fun! I’m living for all these memes, they’re so great.

I can’t wait for the next episode, but since probably everyone will die… Maybe I will have that wine. Predictions and theories abound over here!

A meme that reads "No one listens to me..." showing Ned Stark shoveling snow.
So glad that in reality spring is finally here… Enough of this shnozzit.

Are you in on the GoT hype? If not, what are you watching or reading instead? Happy reading!

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