Check out the glorious new cover art!😍😍😍 🀩🀩🀩 This gorgeous illustration is by Julie Dillon.

The new cover is ready… (You’ll see it next month.) The edits are happening…


(But not yet.)
But can we all agree Christopher Reeve was the best Superman?

Here are the poll results from last week!

The winner was… *drumroll* … a blueprint like map of the Audacity!

By basically a landslide, although Dossiers put up a good showing. Lots of the rest are still pretty cool. All of them are still on the table, but I’ll work on blueprints first! πŸ™‚

Until next month or so, here is a moment from AUDACITY 3 to tide you over… (Mild spoilers if you haven’t read EMPRESS CAPSULE or CAPITAL GAMES.)

Something was niggling at him, though, and around the third open market they passed as they avoided the tubes, he cut Dane out of the comm line and reached out to just Ellen. β€œWhat if we find her there?”



β€œYou’ll know what to say. Don’t worry about it.”

β€œI am worried about it.”

β€œDo you want to bring her flowers?” she taunted. β€œMaybe chocolate?”

β€œCan we poison the chocolate?”

β€œA worthy idea.”

– CHILD OF WRATH, R. K. Thorne

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on CLANBLADES 2 as I wait for feedback from my editor and beta readers. Oh, and try not to go insane squeezing in some work while the household swirls around me… πŸ˜‰

I’m lucky I don’t bite my nails.

CoronaQuarantine Top 5

Here’s a few cool fantasy and Sci-fi things if you or the kids or partner or dog are absolutely bored right now. Okay, let’s be honest, your dog isn’t bored, he’s doing great. (And my cats are ready for us to leave.) But everybody else…

  1. Jean-Luc Picard is reading Shakespearan sonnets on Instagram
  2. Georgia Aquarium Cams! Nothing calms like nature… And here’s one place you can check it out, without even getting off the couch. I’ve also watched Monterey Bay’s Aquarium live webcams for a long time! There’s a bunch but I recommend the live sea cam, where animals swim in from the ocean into the aquarium, or the penguins. Obv.
  3. NASA has lots of free activities, including free photo essays and ebooks about Saturn, the history of space exploration, Hubble Telescope, and more!
  4. Get some free coloring pages and issues of Enchanted Living Magazine, right on their website. I love this mag! Anyone else read it?
  5. My awesome artist Sarah Dahlinger (illustrator of many amazing creatures including Yeska and a new upcoming Clanblades dragon) has made some creature coloring book pages available with newsletter subscription!

And of course, read! Can’t wait to get AUDACITY 3 out there to add it to the list! =)

What’s your top 3 favorite activities for keeping busy? Or just sane?

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