For me, music is a huge inspiration in my work. If you could bottle an emotion, I feel like songs do that for me. (Which is kind of a cool story idea… but let’s wait till the series in finished first, eh?)

So a lot of times I use songs to inspire in me the kinds of emotions my characters are feeling or the mood and atmosphere around them, and I think it helps me get in their heads. So here are some of the emotion bottles, er, music videos on Youtube I used in crafting Enslaved Chronicles Book 2 MAGE STRIKE.


Would this be a beer bottle? Maybe a growler? I’m not sure.

A Love Potion…

This is probably champagne. What do you think?


A shot of whiskey? I don’t know. This was a huge song inspiration for the book.

New Love

This is like a hot cup of coffee at this point. =)

Adventure, Mystery, & Danger

Can’t go wrong with Howard Shore.


What music would you add to a MAGE STRIKE playlist?

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