In honor of MAGE STRIKE coming out on audio, I thought it would be fun to do a few questions and answers with its award-winning narrator, Tanya Eby!

So if you’ve wondered a little more about the woman behind the curtain / booth / microphone / whatever, read on for some hilarious peeks into Tanya’s process and preferences. And also a giveaway!

So how did you get into narrating and producing audio books?

I was doing radio commercials in college and heard about a local company that was recording audiobooks. I sent them an audition and they hired me. I recorded on and off for about ten years, and then took the leap and started narrating fulltime about six years ago.


Tanya Eby

Tanya Eby

Narrator and Novelist

Where do you record? What’s your process like?

I used to record in a studio with an engineer and a director, but as technology evolved, so did the process. I now record at home. I spent two years recording in a front hallway closet. Literally. But now I have a nice comfy sound studio installed in my basement. It’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic. I’m also not good with people, so being alone and talking to myself for eight hours a day is a pretty natural fit.

Tanya's studio
RK Aside: I don’t know about you, but this looks cozy to me. And warm.


Can you share one ridiculous, funny, or unexpected thing that happened while recording?

I’ve fallen asleep while recording. Like IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE. This is no fault of the author. The fault is entirely on a warm studio, the afternoon, and a big sandwich I had for lunch. The funny thing is, this hasn’t happened just once, but twice. I wish I had the recordings of me doing it. I started to…slow…down……..and…..then….just…sssssst….

How do you develop the voices of and get ready for all the different characters? What inspires you?

I practice a lot out loud. It drives my kids nuts. Now I try to do it when I’m taking a walk. It may be why my neighbors avoid me. The author’s text is what inspires me. The more vibrantly drawn the character, the more I can vocalize.

Do you have a favorite book you’ve narrated or genre to work in? Besides the Enslaved Chronicles, of course. 😉

I honestly love narrating sci fi and fantasy, but I don’t get cast much in it. I think that maybe there are less books for female narrators. But I love epic stories with lots of characters, and fantasy gives me a chance to do broader characters than, say, a traditional love story. Two of my favorite series besides The Enslaved Chronicles are The Noble Dead series by Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee and the Elfhome series by Wen Spencer.

Do you listen to audio books? Do you have a favorite narrator? Or favorite chore to do while listening?

I’m obsessed with them! Honestly. I’ve been listening since I discovered tapes at the local library. I can’t say I have a favorite narrator, since many of the narrators are not only my colleagues, but my friends. My next two listens are actually by my close friends Amy McFadden and Kate Rudd.

You write novels as well. Do you feel your experience as an author has helped you as a narrator? And is there a book of yours R.K. Thorne readers should check out?

Writing has definitely helped my narration. I think I get a strong sense of story arc and a writer’s plan. Narrating has also helped my writing. It’s forced me to create more colorful dialogue, more specific characters, and pull back on necessary words or lengthy passages. I write across genres so I have a couple of romantic comedies, two gothic novels, short stories, a YA novella, and a ridiculous mystery. I really want to write a fantasy novel, but I haven’t worked up the gumption to do it.

Favorite dessert, animal, or amusement park ride – go!

I’m such a loser when it comes to amusement park rides! If I’m on a roller coaster, it’s not fun. I just endure it and complain internally the whole way. Favorite dessert… crème brulee. I can’t be around it actually, because I’ve been known to lick the ramekin it’s served in. If you haven’t licked a ramekin, it’s very awkward and embarrassing. Favorite animal? I’m fascinated by giant wombats. If I ever saw one for real, I’d probably giggle and then run in fear. And then giggle some more.

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RK Aside: This is NOT a giant wombat. It’s just a regular one. But look how cute?
Not a giant wombat, just a regular one.

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