MAGE SLAVE: New novel on sale July 26

Getting kidnapped was bad enough. And he had to go and fall in love.
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Available July 26

The beginning of an action-packed romantic epic fantasy adventure

April Eclipse

Our epic eclipse odyssey, and how it oddly enough relates a very old technology in one of my books.

Five books, five years

It's been brutal, but OATH OF DUTY is out of writing and into beta reads and edits! HUZZAH! But don't worry. I'm doing fine! Totally fine. This is running late, though, sadly. I'm going to try my best, but the timing of the preorder will likely be delayed a month or...

Marching Forward: Cover Reveal!

Check out the new cover for the final book in the Audacity Saga, OATH OF DUTY, my updates, a way to support Ukraine, and more.

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