MAGE SLAVE: New novel on sale July 26

Getting kidnapped was bad enough. And he had to go and fall in love.
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Available July 26

The beginning of an action-packed romantic epic fantasy adventure

Holiday Giving Ideas

Because 2020 needs some all the bright spots it can get! Some ideas for giving on Giving Tuesday.

Thorne Books Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving! Ready for the holiday deluge? I am! It'll be a nice distraction from the 2020 chaos. If you'd like to support my small business, here's a few ways you can dig into some good stories this holiday or give them to friends! Signed Copies This holiday,...

A Very Thorney Halloween

This isn't going to be horrifying. No seriously, I'm just not that into horror. The real world is enough right now. But I *am* into all that is fantastical, creative, offbeat, funny, and colorful. 🎃 Today on the blog, we're talking a very Thorney Halloween. 🙂 And the...

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