MAGE SLAVE: New novel on sale July 26

Getting kidnapped was bad enough. And he had to go and fall in love.
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Available July 26

The beginning of an action-packed romantic epic fantasy adventure

Poll Results, New Short Scene, and Some Things To Do

Check out the glorious new cover art!😍😍😍 🤩🤩🤩 This gorgeous illustration is by Julie Dillon. The new cover is ready... (You'll see it next month.) The edits are happening... AUDACITY 3. Soon. (But not yet.)But can we all agree Christopher Reeve was the best Superman?...

New Year, New Goals, New Progress

Happy New Year! I've got some discussion about my goals for the year, and also writing and upcoming sale updates - if you're looking for those, scroll to the bottom! =) Anybody out there make New Year's Resolutions? I've heard it's the minority of people. I used to...

On Creating and (Accidentally) Hurting People

Some musings as a writer. I read / listened to a few things that happened in parallel this week that's got me thinking on when the art we create hurts people, why that happens, and what to do about it. There was a pretty big scandal that exploded in the Romance...

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