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The next book in the space opera adventure the Audacity Saga: Capital Games, is now available!

Power armor, dangerous rogue scientists, and ordinary folk just trying to do the right thing.

Romantic sci fi adventure!

Coming soon...

The sequel to The Empress Capsule and Capital Games

Audacity Saga Book 3
Planned for Spring 2019.


The fast-paced romantic epic fantasy trilogy

An enslaved mage, a warrior prince, and a heroic tale of love, honor, and sacrifice.

Of all the women in the world, he falls for the one trying to kill him.

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Character Interview with Miara

A second fictional character interview with Miara Floren.

Character Interview with Aven

A fictional character interview with Aven Lanuken.

Interview with Narrator and Author Tanya Eby

Interview with our award-winning narrator.


The weird selection of songs I looped on YouTube and/or iTunes while writing Book 2 of the Enslaved Chronicles.

The Enslaved Chronicles, available now!

The action-packed fantasy romance trilogy is complete!

If you’re voracious, it might last you three or four days. Maybe even a week. 😉